OPEN’N PLAY™ is an imprint of the boardgame publisher, Gameology Inc. from South Korea. Founded in 2016, we seek out great games with casual rules from around the world, and re-design them into new game experiences.

Our brand’s first release was Dr. Reiner Knizia’s Circus Flohcati KR (2016). A team of two artists from Korea, JBJ and Agsty, redefined the appearance of the Fleas featureed in the game. Thanks to the success of Circus Flohcati KR, we had the priviledge to publish Knizia’s Penguin Party KR and High Society KR in 2018.
In addition to the great Knizia games, OPEN’N PLAY also worked on the great classics from Alex Randolph, Mahe KR (2016), Venice Connection (2017), and Big Shot (2018).
Fakir (2016) and Tasso (2017) are games with great wooden components and simple rules, by French designer Philippe Proux. OPEN’N PLAY’s version introduces his line to worldwide markets.
Finally, our sourcing partner, Franjos Spieleverlag, provides us with even more great games. Donkey Derby (2017), Can’t Stop KR (2018), and Billabong (2018) are now making a successful impact in the market.

Good boardgames and the goodness of boardgames are both out there waiting to be discovered. As it is with any other player, our job is just to discover it. So, let’s open the games, and play.

Philippe Proux

Born in Paris, France. Philippe started creating fun in 1998 with wooden toys and then educational games, keeping pace with the growth of his children. When they finished school, he continued to make abstract games for a wider audience with the foundation of his own company, Ludarden on 2006. Focusing on designing strategic games with simpler rules, his games are always made of wood.


Tasso | Tasso Safari | Fakir | Masker | Mokadi | Totem | Tonoo | Nivos | Ksar


Tired of ordinary stacking games?
by Philippe Proux
ages 8+ | 2-6 players | 20 min.

Each player shares the same number of sticks. Anyone who places all of his or her sticks on the board wins the game. Players can use 1 additional stick if by succeeding in putting 1 stick on top of 2 sticks on their turn. There’s 1 restriction however, that nobody can place pieces upon the sticks which are already supporting another stick.

Can I take my sticks to the next level? Welcome to the simpler, more strategic world of stacking.


1 board, 60 sticks, in the box of 225 x 225 x 30 mm

Tasso Safari

Genius stacks of sticks goes on safari
by Philippe Proux
ages 8+ | 2-4 players | 20 min.

Tasso went on safari! ‘Sticking’ to Tasso’s genius stacking and ‘distance-measuring’ mechanism, the game has gotten a more dynamic design.

By succeeding in putting 1 stick on top of 2 sticks in a turn, players can use 1 more of their sticks. There’s 1 restriction however, that nobody can place pieces upon the sticks which are already supporting another stick.

Meet the sticks of various length such as giraffes, elephants, lions, zebras. Obstacles of Kilimanjaro and Lake Victoria will make the game more beautiful. Can I take my animal sticks to the next level? Welcome to the cuter, more strategic world of stacking.


1 board, 36 animal sticks, 6 landmarks, in the box of 225 x 225 x 45 mm


A piercing survival of sticks in a piece of cuboid
by Philippe Proux
ages 8+ | 2-4 players | 20 min.

Win the game by being the last player to play the stick. Players can take an action on their turn following these criteria:
0. If a stick falls into a cuboid hole, the stick is eliminated.
1. To eliminate someone else’s sticks, pull out a horizontally inserted stick. (attacking)
2. To pull out a horizontal stick, players should have at least 2 vertically placed sticks.(taking risks)
3. To support vertical sticks, insert a stick horizontally. (supporting)

Fakir is a manage-your-risk game. Can you survive this deep cuboid?


1 base, 20 sticks, in the box of 75 x 75 x 140 mm

Alexander Randolph

4 May 1922 – 27 April 2004

The late Alex Randolph was certainly one of the world’s greatest boardgame designers. His games are famous for their simplicity, bringing ‘a-ha’ moments to the players with only a few paragraphs of rules.

He has long been respected as one of the very few true professionals among game designers. He designed over a hundred games, but it’s difficult to describe his particular style because most of his games are presenting pure mechanism of play. He has also developed word and card games and even some excellent children’s games.


Venice Connection | Big Shot | Dilemma | Bison | Twixt | Code 777 | Domemo | Enchanted Forest (with Michel Matschoss, 1982 SdJ Winner)

Venice Connection + Mint ‘T’ide

A canal connecting game with ‘T’ tile expansion
by Alex Randolph
ages 8+ | 2 players | 5 min.

Maestro’s classic is back on the market. Two players compete to be the consummator of the canal by placing ‘L’ or ‘I’ tiles. If you think the canal can’t be completed by using all the remaining tiles in your turn, you can declare it ‘impossible’. However, if the other player proves it is ‘possible’, you lose. Learn it in 1 minute, and win in over 1000 different ways.

Mint ‘T’ide is the expansion of Venice Connection. Using 4 ‘T’ tiles in the expansion, you see the more abundant canal spreading plays around the Venice.


16 tiles (Venice Connection) + 4 ‘T’ tiles (Mint ‘T’ide), in the box of 110 x 110 x 35 mm

Big Shot

A ‘real’ game of estate, auction, and loans.
by Alex Randolph
ages 8+ | 2-4 players | 45 min.

Speculators are rushing to the city where a building boom is in progress. Players want to acquire ownership cubes at a good bargain, then deploy these cubes wisely to lots within the city. If a lot is filled with 7 cubes, the major player of the cubes gets the lot, but the player of any tied number of cubes cannot. It is important for players to lay their hands on valuable properties without falling too deeply in debt.


1 board, 72 cubes, 1 marker, 45 coins, 4 player token, 30 ‘-10’ token, 13 ‘SOLD’ token, 1 die, in the box of 225 x 225 x 45 mm


A game of peace, or piercing truth
by Alex Randolph
ages 8+ | 3-5 players | 30 min.

The starting player puts a number card in the arena. Other players place cards, but only the one player with the card properly placed in the duel tray can participate in the duel. In a duel phase, should we earn a low score and be satisfied by choosing peace? Or perhaps choose war and aim for big points? In this dilemma, the player who scores most wins. In Dilemma, players enjoy a curious combination of speed and some bluff.


1 tray, 50 cards, 10 chips, in the box of 225 x 225 x 37 mm

Franjos Spieleverlag

Franjos Spieleverlag is publisher in Germany run by Franz-Josef Herbst. Whilst the production standards and graphic design have been basic and efficient, Franjos has over the years published several clever and engaging games. Their most popular games are Can’t Stop and Mahe, and they’re also producing German editions of Billabong and Black Box. In the beginning and for many years they used a form of vinyl mat to make the game boards. This was a signature of their game design.


Turtles’ hard race on turtles
by Alex Randolph
ages 8+ | 2-7 players | 30 min.

Mahe is one of the islands of Seychel. The scenery is so beautiful that it is loved by many tourists, and it is also famous as a place where sea turtles lay their eggs.

Players roll each of the 3 dice one at a time and move their turtle. For example, if two dice are rolled for a 1 and 4, the turtle can move forward as much as 10 steps: (1+4)x2. If 3 dice are rolled for 1, 4 and 2, move forward 21 steps: (1+4+2)x3. However, if the total of the dice reaches 8 or higher, BOOM! All turtles must to go back to their starting point. Players can stop rolling dice any time before hitting a value of 8. When the turtles arrive at the same space, the newcomer rides piggyback and they move together, upon the decision of the topmost rider.

Under license from Franjos Spieleverlag


1 board, 7 turtles, 7 turtle cards, 24 score cards, 3 dices, in the box of 225 x 225 x 45 mm


Kangaroos’ unlimited jumps over Kangaroos
by Eric Solomon
ages 8+ | 2-5 players | 45 min.

25 kangaroos make a great race around Lake Billabong. They run over each other, and under certain conditions, can even jump over a few kangaroos. The first player who leads all of his kangaroos across the finish line wins, while a Judge kangaroo stands by to ensure a fair race.

Place kangaroos in the best place, and move strategically. The wide board and finely-made kangaroos also give Billabong a great look and feel. Open’n Play version allows up to 5 players.

Under license from Franjos Spieleverlag


1 board, 25 kangaroos, in the box of 225 x 225 x 45 mm

Can’t Stop

You can’t stop throwing those 4 dice.
by Sid Sackson
ages 8+ | 2-4 players | 30 min.

Can’t Stop is a game of rolling dice and climbing mountains. If three of your climbers reach the summit, you win. In this Sid Sackson classic, players have to put everything on the dice and keep their fingers crossed. On your turn, roll four dice at a time and tie two of them together to move climbers in the corresponding column. Players can only move climbers in a three different columns per turn. If no legal moves are available you can’t climb and all progress is lost. If you’re not confident, you can set up a base camp and end your turn. The next time you want to climb the trail where your base camps are, you can start at the base camp.

Under license from Franjos Spieleverlag


1 board, 3 climer markers, 40 base markes, 4 dice, in the box of 225 x 225 x 45 mm

Donkey Derby

Bet! whose donkey wins the race.
Walter Müller
ages 8+ | 2-5 players | 30 min.

Five donkeys race to see who’s best. Players roll dice and move donkeys until three have reached the finish line. Donkey Derby is played in repeating betting rounds and racing rounds. In the betting round, players bet on the donkey they think can probably finish first. In the racing round, roll the die 5 times and distribute the numbers one by one, to all the donkeys. The player who makes the right prediction sooner, and advances one’s donkey quickly wins.

Under license from Franjos Spieleverlag


1 board, 5 donkeys, 15 betting markers, 5 player markers, 1 die, in the box of 220 x 270 x 40 mm

World-easy classics

OPEN’N PLAY is developing and renewing the world-easy classics. Open the box and meet the games you play right away.


Stack the chairs. Tower up your chairs. ages 8+ | 1-6+ players | 10 min.

Share all chairs evenly. Add a chair to the chair tower but don’t let them fall. Since only 1 chair can touch the table, tension mounts as the tower grows. If any chairs fall, they are all yours again. The first player who towered up his or her own chairs, wins.


24 charis, in the box of 110 x 275 x 110 mm

Button Basketball

Press the button and win! ages 8+ | 2 players | 5 min.

Start the game with “Start!”. Both players can shoot simultaneously, by pressing the number where the ball is located. Only 1 or 2 fingers can be used during a game. Put the ball into your hoop and get 1 point. The player who reaches the pre-agreed score wins.


1 toy, in the box of 307 x 125 x 165 mm


We shoot for 4 in a row. ages 8+ | 2 players | 10 min.

You can put your disc either left or right. Pull down and release the handle so the disc can enter the frame. (Your turn continues until the disc enters the frame). Align your disc in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line, the player who completes it wins.

Under license from Trend Ltd.


1 pinball frame set, 42 disc, in the box of 180 x 270 x 55 mm

Pinball Soccer

The ultimate pinball evolution to the soccer. ages 8+ | 2 players | 10 min.

Throw the ball on the ground and kickoff! Put the ball into the opponent’s goal, get a point and raise the score gauge. When one player’s score reaches the end of the gauge, he or she wins. Grandpa, grandma, grandson... anybody who is grand can play together.


1 toy, in the box of 490 x 310 x 70 mm